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Freedom From Physical Limitations Through Fitness

Live Free.
Move Free.
Live Fully.

As a Charleston-based fitness practice, we offer convenient and effective fitness solutions using whole body vibration technology. Best of all we travel directly to you! Scroll below to learn more.


Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration training or vibration therapy is a revolutionary approach to fitness that not only enhances your current health but also serves as a powerful tool for prevention.This innovative method offers a multitude of benefits, helping you not only address existing discomfort but also prevent future health issues. Whole body vibration has been proven effective at increasing strength, power, flexibility, reducing pain, improving circulation and so much more! Our experienced health coach Katherine is dedicated to helping you create a lifestyle that promotes living and moving freely.

Start your fitness journey with LiveFreeFitness, where we specialize in holistic wellness through vibration training. Our cutting-edge Galileo machine is among the few medically approved devices of its kind. Dive into the link below for research-supported evidence illustrating its efficacy across different populations.

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