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Experience the Future of Fitness with the Galileo!

Introducing the Galileo, a state-of-the-art mechanostimulation device, also know as Whole Body Vibration (WBV), meticulously engineered to mimic the natural motion of human gait. By using side alternating vibration, the Galileo activates the tilting movement of the pelvis similar to that of walking. The system operates within a frequency range of 10-30 hertz. Our WBV system is expertly customized to align with your specific wellness objectives.

At around 12 hertz, muscles engage at the spinal cord level, invoking an innate response known as the stretch reflex. This automatic response is similar to that of when a doctor taps your knee with a reflex hammer, sending signals through sensory nerves to the spinal cord and generating a knee-jerk response.

During WBV Sessions, the Galileo targets the entire chain of muscles, from your legs to your core. Specific training on individual muscles groups can be achieved by simply altering body posture and tension.

Example: If a person stands on the Galileo at 25 hertz, 25 cycles of contractions in flexor and extensor muscles will occur per second. Far more than one would achieve with conventional treatment methods.

25 hz x 3:00 minutes =
4,500 muscle contractions!!!


~Builds Strength
~Increases Power
~Improves Endurance
~Improves Flexibility; provides relief from --tight muscles often associated with sitting for prolonged periods
~Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow
~Diminishes pain; alleviation of low back pain (such as sciatica)
~Increases bone mass -- reducing osteoporosis
~Improved mental focus
~Improved balance & proprioception (with wobble feature)


Research Publications using Galileo Devices
In comparison to other devices in the market. Galileo the gold standard for vibration training and is classifed as a Medical Device.

There are more than 500+ clinical research studies on the effectiveness of WBV Training.

Galileo has benefitted various populations including, Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Low Back Pain, Flexibility, Cognition and More!

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